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Stephany Lane
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Environmental Risk - real or perceived- can delay, devalue, or kill a deal. Unresolved issues and surprises can erode asset value or stall a timely exit.

RPS specializes in evaluating the probability of financial impact of known and potential environmental risks in the context of a transaction. We work for investors, portfolio companies and other transaction-oriented advisors looking to secure the value of an investment to realize expected return. We understand key deal participants have varying perspectives and priorities, all of which that rely on our responsiveness, quality and ability to anticipate the issues.

At RPS, we are focused on making you more competitive and therefore more successful in your business, and our focus on your success does not end after the deal closes. We understand that the closing is merely the start of your investment and, through 20 years of advising and advocacy, that there is still more we can do to help you achieve your goal of a successful and profitable exit.

This process begins with a disciplined approach and successful execution of due diligence focusing on reduction of costs and accurately framing and mitigating environmental risk. We advocate for better terms and protections to get you across the finish line. During the hold period of your investment, we begin preparing the management team for exit by correcting deficiencies identified during transactional diligence, implementing environmental management efficiencies, and monitoring environmental performance of the asset. We understand that cost savings when applied to a sales multiple translates into significant equity for the stakeholder. Preparing the investment for exit makes the company more competitive and allows for opportunistic divestiture without surprises or delay. RPS 's approach is to make the transaction process more lucrative for our clients. Whether acquiring a business, securing debt, expanding or selling a business, framing environmental risk can make a vital difference in strategy and success. RPS's specialized transaction professionals have successfully framed environmental risks for investors and lenders for over 20 years.

Our services:

Auction Support Reviews

Business Impact Assessments

Competitor Environmental Profile Assessments

Corporate Liability Reviews

Cost and Probability Determinations

Divestiture Support and Planning

Emerging Regulations/Trends Reviews

Environmental Accounting Reviews

Environmental DeskTop Reviews

Historical Environmental Insurance Rights Evaluation

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Process Optimization and Waste and Energy Reduction/Reuse Reviews

Property Condition Assessments

Regulatory Compliance and Health and Safety Reviews

Risk Transfer/Mitigation Assessment and Support

Second Opinion Evaluations

Transaction Documentation Support and Review