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Lisa Bongiovanni, P.E
Vice President

Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Evaluation

RPS GaiaTech has been contracted by a nationwide owner and operator of manufactured home communities to evaluate their aging water and wastewater infrastructure in an effort to identify areas needing upgrading, repair, and replacement. RPS GaiaTech was selected due to our ability to conduct technical evaluations with business approach solutions for concerns identified.

The work was initiated at a 1,000 home community currently operating a water distribution, collection, and wastewater treatment system that is over 30 years old and has been maintained on a repair as-needed basis throughout the years. RPS GaiaTech conducted a detailed records review and initial inspection of the infrastructure and wastewater treatment facility and contracted integrity testing of the metal tanks within the system. The project was structured to provide the client with the immediate business need of a Year 1 budget to be implemented in the short term, followed by a detailed evaluation that included recommendations for inspections, system upgrades, and alternatives for reducing costs.

RPS GaiaTech’s evaluation resulted in identifying several areas of upgrades and repairs that will keep the system operating smoothly in the short term (next year) and a phased approach to inspecting, upgrading and repairing, and maintaining the system for Years 2 through 10 , in order to prioritize larger capital projects. Additionally, RPS GaiaTech conducted a water re-use survey and has recommended that the facility’s groundwater withdrawal allowance be increased to ensure that drinking and irrigation water is sufficient for years when rainfall is limited. Currently the groundwater withdrawal permit application is being prepared to request an additional 10 million gallons of water per year.

The company has initiated the Year 1 plan and has requested RPS GaiaTech to assist the community in managing the capital projects, specifying work, evaluating bids, and further evaluations. Since this initial project, RPS GaiaTech has evaluated a second community and looks forward to a long term relationship with the client.